7119 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202

At 232 apartments with ground floor retail space, this new development is the largest yet in the Southeast Portland neighborhood of Sellwood. This new community features a elevated amenities package including a community courtyard outfit with BBQs, fire pits and recreational actives. Pre-leasing will begin Summer 2019.

Natural wood and earth tones are heavily present in the interior design landscape with subtle moments of whimsy. This direction fits just so in Sellwood’s neighborhood fabric which is heavily influenced by the organic creative feminine. While the interiors may be soft and light the building’s footprint is prominent in this humble community and makes a powerful statement.u.

Sellwood’s “Meetinghouse” represents a place to gather where all are welcome. While we all have a different story, we have one common ground.

Won’t you meet me at the Sellwood Meetinghouse?

  • Property Type: Land/Development
  • Land Gross SF: 52,587
  • Zone: Southeast Portland
  • Currently Under Construction
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East of Eleven

310 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214

East of Eleven offers surprising details, bright open spaces and intentional amenities giving an escape to Portlanders looking for a space to live authentically.

  • Property Type: Residential Development
  • Finished # of Units: 84
  • Building Finished Gross Sq. Ft: 95,000
  • Lot Size: 20,000 SF
  • Zone: Portland
  • Currently Under Construction

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The Woodlark

801-817 SW Alder St. Portland, OR 97205
  • Property Type: Hotel
  • Total Hotel Keys: 150
  • Gross Sq. Ft: 89,946
  • # of Floors: 9
  • Year Built/Renovated: 1908 / Currently Under Construction
  • Zone: Downtown
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The Céline

2330 NW Raleigh St. Portland, OR 97210
  • Property Type: Residential
  • # of Units: 40
  • Gross SF: 41,000
  • Lot Size: 13,463 SF
  • Zone: Downtown

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The Hawthorne

4717 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215
  • Property Type: Apartments/Retail
  • # of Units: 50
  • Gross Sq. Ft: 38,401
  • Lot Size: 16,500 Sq Ft
  • Zone: Downtown
  • Year Built: Construction Completed 2016


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